If you really want to be happy, you only need ONE THING!

Good news for everyone: they finally discovered the code of eternal and never-ending happiness. Trust me, I am not going to quote any books because I received this revelation from Heaven this morning and I am overjoyed to discover this secret that the entire human race has been crying out for centuries.

I’m getting my hopes up and getting to this point of ‘I can’t wait to find out this’ because the discovery will help you live a super happy life from now on. Just discovery is enough to set you free.

So let’s get to the point: what do we all need? Hmm, if I give you the answer directly in two words, you might miss it. So I will give you many situations in your daily life that normally disturb you and I will give you the answer of what could be done to improve it and this will lead you to the answer. But, the answer to each situation will be only one tendentious answer and you will have to put these traits together to arrive at the final answer.

Situation 1: It’s time for breakfast and you’re hungry. There is no one in the kitchen and no one has ordered food. You call your mom, wife, cook and you can’t hear them answer your call. You are frustrated and want to scream louder when you hear your stomach growl loudly and you feel dissipated.

“What can I do? I’m so hungry I could eat a wolf and no one can see how distraught I am.”

Answer 1: I’m going to order something quick.

Answer 2: I’m going to cook a light meal to put up with for now.

Answer 3: I’m going to binge on sandwiches

Let’s say what you think is answer 3. It’s easy and ready to use. Plus, it gave you some empty calories. Instead, he could have made oatmeal or had salad. But you chose the snack as your panacea.

Consequences of your decision: In all likelihood, you will be angrier than before. Because junk food makes one addicted to the phenomenon. All this unwanted food makes your body twist in the wrong direction. So you are losing your sense of ownership and you feel like the boss and can make all the decisions.

So you decide to behave rashly with your family. You get cheesy and listless. You can’t hear what they have to say. You seem tough and you become numb. You have wasted your morning. Frustrating really?

I am implying that the situation could have been handled better. You could have had a better response to the situation and could have enjoyed the moment if you knew how to make it work for you. Clearly, his appetite for food was difficult to control because his body was stronger than his spirit.

We know that we can go many days without eating and that not eating for a few hours is really good for our health. You could have waited or tried to find out what the robbery was. But something kept you in a place of slavery. Let’s examine the following situation.

Situation 2:

“My dog ​​is not well. He has been sneezing and seeking shelter. He is probably feeling cold.”

So you cover it with a blanket. Get comfortable and stop sneezing. Then he goes to sleep and wakes up fit and fine.

Congratulations! You did well to feel what the dog needed and you provided it. So you were able to enjoy the moment knowing that you wouldn’t have to rush to get him to the vet or take him to another vet, etc.

This is the comfortable place we want to be. When we can have some control over the situations in our life without feeling helpless and overwhelmed. These are precious moments that help us feel sane and happy to be alive. When things are going well, it’s time to relax and when things seem to be going downhill it can make us nervous.

So how do we accept success at all times? What if he hadn’t sensed the situation carefully and couldn’t give an answer? The situation could have been worse and my day would not have been well spent. Let’s take a new situation where things could go terribly wrong.

Situation 3:

The fan does not work because the power has gone out and it is hot. “I can’t work and meet my deadline.”

So I ask my daughter to fan me with a piece of cardboard or a hand fan if she can find it. She refuses.

It’s a hot situation. You have a job that should be finished by now. What is the best way to go?

Life is made up of difficult situations like the ones above. There is very little time even to vent your anger. What if the person dismisses it as absurd and irrelevant? There are many things that go wrong in life.

I can list many more situations in which we wish we had a little more patience, a little more time to think and even knowledge to take the right course of action that we would not regret. Fun is living life when everything is bound to go wrong; Be persistent and stick with what you believe in, and be convinced that this is the way to go.

“What a relief! At least I can be sure I’m on the right track!”

Just knowing is half-liberation and the rest is catching up and doing it.

If you are really convinced, it is easier to execute. personal welfare (sorry, these are not the two magic words). The magic words are “GOOD CHARACTER”.

In all three cases, we responded according to our character. Our response to everything that happens to us is largely determined by our character. If you invest in building a great character where you are not easily angered or put off by the gestures and behaviors of others, you are forgiving and tolerant, adaptable and accommodating, even loving, you will undoubtedly enjoy a great life.

In fact, everyone starts out in life thinking money It is the solution to all the problems they face but that is not true. If you have what you need for sustenance, you are blessed to have a great life because blessings come to those who have great natures. You will be much more productive in any field of work and you will be respected and influential. You will earn everyone’s favor by being a simple but loving person without melodies.

Being like Christ and of good character begins with receiving Jesus Christ into our lives. We learn the discipline of how to behave remarkably by being in union with the remarkable. He is the greatest and always gives us his best! You can be assured of a great life by following His time-honored principles on how to live a virtuous and blessed life, filled with joy, hope, and fulfillment. Read your Bible today!

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